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Who is Givington’s?  We’re glad you asked…

They stock their shelves with the products you want.

Givington’s started with books, coffee, and gift boxes. The selection is limited, but well-tailored. It’s growing quickly.

They give to causes that you support.

I’ll say that again. Causes that you support. Your choice. Any product, any cause. That’s a big deal. There are a few parameters, but you control where the money goes. “What money?” you wisely ask. The 30-50% they take out of their profit so that you can give. Buying with Givington’s means giving to an organization that is important to you.

They genuinely care.

There is a massive amount of work being done for good in our world. They want to help keep it going. The Givington’s team is personally involved with causes and organizations that they each want to support. Those causes wouldn’t be mad if they were given some extra money just by shopping. Our suspicion is that the cause you love feels the same.

The Givington’s Creed

We exist to give. Every transaction is a giving event. We bring transparency to all giving calculations. We protect our customers from paying above market price.  

Givington’s Giving Parameters

There are few things that they enjoy more than giving money away. If you are of the few who have never opened a window and tossed a ten-dollar bill out for a random passerby to find, there is a new joy that awaits you! Truly, they’d love to give their money freely like that because giving is such a fun thing. They, however, decided that they need to be careful with where the money your purchase generates goes. They are committed to giving only to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations that work to accomplish the following wonders. 

  • I was hungry and you fed me. 
  • I was sick and you stopped to visit. 
  • I was in prison and you came to me. 
  • I was thirsty and you gave me a drink. 
  • I was homeless and you gave me a room. 
  • I was shivering and you gave me clothes.
If the non-profit you love does one of those things, they need to be a part of Givington’s. Click here to add your cause to the list. 

Givington’s is the generosity shop. When you buy, you give. That is a good thing.

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